Car & Auto Window Tinting

Our car & auto window tinting services are currently offered only in the Ocean County NJ area.

Reducing Solar Glares

How many hours do you spend driving in your car? Did you know that you are being exposed to harmful solar (UV) rays? Car & auto window tinting from Sun Busters will not only give your vehicle a more edgy look but offer protection from the sun’s rays with car window tinting.

You wouldn’t drive with your eyes closed, so why would you drive while being blinded by the sun? You can adjust the visor or put on sunglasses, but the sun can still be a bother on your eyes. With the right tint of film, any solar glares will be redirected from your line of view.

Reduce Heat

When you car is sitting in the sun for period of time, it is being sun-baked all day. This can create an uncomfortable environment for the driver and the passengers. The film used by Sun Busters acts as a temperature control filter. On hot summer days, the solar film will keep the car’s interior nice and cool.

Prevent Damage

Not only are the sun’s UV rays harmful yo your skin, but they can cause damage to your vehicle’s interior. Too much exposure to the sunlight can cause fading on any car’s interior.

Protect Electronics

It is against the law to text and drive, but driving allows an opportune time to charge your phone. If placed in a setting that exposes the phone to too much sun, it will overheat. Once overheated, the device may not operate for a period of time until cooled. Other electronics such as GPS, Radios, Ipods, etc; are likely to become overheated as well. Protect your gadgets and devices with our solar films.


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